Daidai profile pic 1

Personal Data

Name in Japanese 橙橙
Species Half-Demon
Romantic Interest None

Village of the Oracles (Previously)

Aya's Store


Alive (Manga)

Deceased (Anime)

Manga Debut
Anime Debut


Family Members

Byakuroku (Twin Sister)
Japanese Minako Kotobuki

Daidai is Byakuroku's twin sister. She is much weaker than her twin, and due to this, Byakuroku takes on a majority of their missions. Daidai becomes insanely jealous that all the attention from Rangui goes to her, and as such, betrays her sister in both the manga and anime. A large change from the anime, however, is that in the manga, Daidai survives. Daidai then cuts her hair, and states that she no longer will live in her sister's shadow, and will live for herself. As of the present story, she currently works at Aya's store, and parts with her sister, who goes to live a life together with Omodaka in peace.