Mamezo close up


Mamezo is Zakuro's artifact spirit who is sandy colored and is in the appearance of a rabitt that has fangs.


Mamezo can talk but at first tended to repeat everything he heard. Mamezo likes to hang around Agemaki and Zakuro the most but when he's around them he's usually making suggestions or teasing the two.


Agemaki- Mamezo likes to follow Agemaki around and is usually taking the place of being Agemaki's partner in place of Zakuro when she doesn't want to be his partner

Bonbori and Hozuki- Mamezo has known the two for a while but in the past he would always repeat everything he heard with them only but now a days he doesn't, and they hardly are around each other much

Susukihotaru- Mamezo and Susukihotaru like Susukihotaru and Zakuro are good friends they help each other out with missions or chores and as seen in the flash backs of the past Mamezo would help Susukihotaru find Zakuro whenever she was missing.

Zakuro- Mamezo is Zakuro's artifact spirit, so they are around each other a lot Mamezo though likes to tease Zakuro about Agemaki like everyone else.