Age 23
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Yellowish Hazel

Personal Data

Name in Japanese 沢鷹


Romantic Interest Byakuroku

The Kamigakari Village (Previously)

Unknown (Current)

Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 8
Anime Debut Episode 1 (As Hanadate)


Family Members

Tsukuhane (Mother)
Village of the Oracles Chief (Father)
Zakuro (Half-Sister)

Takayuki Kondou

Mutsumi Tamura (Child)

Omodaka is the son of Tsukuhane and the chief of the Village of the Oracles due to a forced marriage. He played the role of Takatoshi Hanadate (JP: 花楯鷹敏; Hanadate Takatoshi) in order to get closer to Zakuro, his half-sister, as he sought her divine powers. The only person in the world he lets his guard down around and relies on is Byakuroku, a half-demon servant. There are many hints that show that he is in love with her. As of the current story, he has left the Village of the Oracles, has reconciled with his half-sister, and has gone to live alone with Byakuroku.


His father refused to let Tsukuhane to meet with Omodaka from the moment he was born, which made him a very lonely child, wanting to meet his mother. When he was finally able to find her, he found that she was outside playing around, and had her eyes only on another man, that man being Enaga, Zakuro's father. Traumatized and furious, he told his father about Tsukuhane's affairs and ordered for Enaga to be killed.

In manga Edit

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Omodaka as first lieutenant Hanadake

Omodaka first appears as first lieutenant Hanadake, he gives an order to  Kei Agemaki and the others to attend the government officials' party to investigate a mass murder causing by a female youkai, in which he pretends to be one of a victim to test Zakuro.

In chapter 24, he abducts Zakuro to the Kamigakari village and plans to marry her while revealing himself as Omodaka - her half-brother. It hints that he does all of this because he thinks their mother has abandoned him.

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Omokada reveals his true identity to Zakuro

After unsealing Zakuro's true power, he is unable to control her. In chaos, their mother appears (by possessed Zakuro's body) and removes all of his power because she wants him to live as a normal human. He then collapses and is saved by Byakuroku and the others; they escape the village all together.

They are attacked by the Jorogumo. Byakuroku is seriously injured when she tries to protect him, leading to his anger explodes. It hints that Omodaka still have some power as he turns the Jorogumo into a normal spider.

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Omodaka and Zakuro last conversation

Everyone spends some time together at the ministry of spirit affairs to recuperating. Before letting Omodaka and Byakuroku leave, Zakuro talks to him. Both of them agree that in the end they can talk face-to-face calmly like siblings.