Age 16
Hair Colour Greyish Purple
Eye Colour Purple

Personal Data

Name in Japanese 薄蛍
Species Half-Demon
Romantic Interest Riken Yoshinokazura
Residence Ministry of Spirit Affairs Headquarters
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1


Family Members

Japanese Hana Kanazawa

Susukihotaru is a half-demon who works for the Ministry of Spirit Affairs. She was an orphan who was abandoned by her parents because she was a half-demon, and was taken in by Kushimatsu. When the Ministry starts working with the military, she is partnered with Riken Yoshinokazura, who she is at first afraid of, but soon comes to be comfortable around him, and even falls deeply in love with.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Susukihotaru starts off as a shy individual who doesn't like to make eye contact with humans. When the Ministry sets up pairs she is then paired with Riken Yoshinokazura, whom she is scared of at the beginning due to his considerable height and stiffness.

Susukihotaru has the ability to sense the emotions of humans or objects by touch as seen when she was sent on a mission with Riken, Bonbori, Hozuki and Ganryu to investigate a demonic sword. While on the mission, Susukihotaru sensed that the sword was evil as soon as she saw it. This is shown when Riken tried to touch the sword and as soon as he reached for it, she shouted for him not to touch it. Susukihotaru grows to feel more comfortable with humans after being around Riken, who soon becomes her love interest.

Susukihotaru, other then being able to sense emotions, can also fight- though she's a lot weaker than Zakuro. Susukihotaru was shown fighting without Zakuro when Zakuro was kidnapped and ended up fighting the black widow. Susukihotaru is usually seen in the background with Bonbori and Hozuki singing while Zakuro fights.


Susukihotaru is a half spirit girl, she looks like a normal girl with one exception which is the fox ears atop her head. She has violet hair and eyes, she's mostly seen blushing especially in scenes with Riken, her outfit consists of a pink yukata and a ruffled head band.


Susukihotaru like Bonbori,Hozuki and Zakuro, was born as a half spirit and abandoned. Susukihotaru was brought back to Kushimatsu's manor and was very shy and didn't know about her abilities until she met Zakuro, who gave her the potential and confidence she needed to fight, as stated by herself. Ever since then, Susukihotaru had confidence and that was why she and Zakuro grew to be such good friends and also why Zakuro means the world to her.


Riken YoshinokazuraEdit

Susukihotaru was initially scared of Riken due to his considerable height. During the first episode, Susukihotaru was seen talking to Zakuro about how scary he was to her and how lucky Zakuro was to have Kei Agemaki as her partner instead. The next day, Susukihotaru was seen looking and reaching on a shelf for a box for the cherry blossom festival which she couldn't reach, when Riken walked into the room and reached for the box for her, then crouched down and asked her if he was as scary anymore. To Susukihotaru's surprise, she started to blush. When she was sent on a mission with Riken and the twins, she got possessed by the sword and was saved by Riken and that was when he hugged her for the first time. That was also when Susukihotaru told Riken about her ability to sense emotions and about how she felt, wondering if he could understand.

Susukihotaru is in love with Riken as shown in the parting scene where Riken, Ganryu and Agemaki have to leave Susukihotaru, Zakuro, Bonbori and Hozuki.


Susukihotaru and Zakuro have had a long history together, as mentioned earlier in the history part of the article. Zakuro had given Susukihotaru the potential she needed to fight. Susukihotaru and Zakuro are best friends, they would do anything to protect each other. Zakuro is seen in a lot of Susukihotaru's flash backs and mentioned a lot in her stories. Susukihotaru and Zakuro are seen walking together a lot- often talking of Zakuro's relationship with Agemaki.

Kei AgemakiEdit

Susukihotaru has a fairly friendly relationship with Agemaki, these two are seen sitting together and chatting sometimes in the anime. In one of the episodes, Agemaki even agrees to help Susukihotaru with returning the cursed sword- leading to the two being kidnapped by Daidai and Byakuroku. The two are later saved by Zakuro and Riken. Later on, the twins start to question Susukihotaru and Agemaki's relationship to which Susukihotaru responds there's nothing going on between them.

Bonbori and HozukiEdit

Susukihotaru is good friends with Bonbori and Hozuki having worrying about them when they fought the black widow. Susukihotaru, Bonbori and Hozuki were good friends from the start as seen in many flash backs along with Zakuro. They all share in common the fact that they all had no confidence or potential until they met Zakuro.


Susukihotaru first met Mugi when she went to the store with the corrupted sword there she and Mugi immediately started making friends Susukihotaru is like a sister to Mugi or a mother, Susukihotaru was the first besides Mugi to find out about how her and her mother were separated. Mugi also calls Susukihotaru "Pretty lady" and brought her medicine when she fainted. They still share a friendly relationship.


(To Zakuro about Riken)"It's reassuring to know they're all nice people...You're so lucky to have him as your partner...Yoshinokazura Riken he's so big and scary"

(To Riken)"I'm scared of looking humans in the eye..."

(To Riken)"U-Um Have you ever felt uncomfortable about us? about our power? N-Nevermind it's nothing..."

(To Mugi)"Your mommy is a kind person who loves you very much- she'll come for you if your a good girl"

(To Riken)"I did something terrible to you...I'm the reason your injured and yet...when I touched your hand I could sense your concern for me more kindness then I could bear"

(To Riken before parting)'"No...please let me help you, your yukata is so big...I believed that I would always be able to look after you...I-I'm sorry right now I don't want to know how you feel if I learn your feelings and those feelings make me happy it will only make our parting more painful...I can't tell I can't sense how you feel my heart is beating so fast...That I can't be sure."