Ep 157115 1


Age Unknown
Hair Colour Bright Blonde
Eye Colour Green

Personal Data

Species Heavenly Being
Romantic Interest Enaga
Residence Village of Oracles
Status Deceased


Family Members

Omodaka (Son)

Zakuro (Daughter)

Enaga (Lover and Zakuro's Father)


Tsukuhane was gifted with great power and was the most powerful maiden in the Village of Oracles. Because of this power she was forced to marry the chief of the village so they could produce a powerful child. A year later she gave birth to Omodaka. Immediately after he was born he was taken away and Tsukuhane was moved to a house outside the village. All she longed to do was see her sweet Omodaka and hold him once again in her arms. The chief of the village wanted another child so he came to her house every night. 

Tsukuhane would occasionally climb up the mountain and try to see the Village of Oracles, hoping to catch a glimpse of Omodaka. One day when she was sitting in a tree, a human man cut it down. The man's name was Enaga and over time she and Enaga fell in love. Later on she finds out she is pregnant with his child. 

Tsukuhane and Enaga are spotted in the forest by Omodaka. He tells his father and the Chief kills Enaga. Before Enaga dies Tsukuhane tells him she is pregnant. The Chief has the fox spirit ritual performed on Tsukuhane to turn her child into a half-spirit. When Zakuro, her child, is born she is noted to have extraordinary power. Fearing that the Village of Oracles will try to take advantage of Zakuro's power, Tsukuhane escapes with her with the help of the fox demon serving under her, Kushimatsu.

Some years later, to protect Zakuro, she went back to the Village of Oracles to bargain with Omodaka, who was by then the chief. She promised to stay there if they would leave Zakuro alone. She refused to eat or drink, resulting in her death. Even though she is dead she still helps in the rescue of Zakuro.